1. Good Impulse

    "Revision can grind a good impulse to dust."  — Billy Collins

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  2. Wild Horses

    "Desires are like wild horses, it requires intelligence and character to conquer them."  — T. Hameed

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  3. Orange You Glad It’s Friday?


  4. Published in Montana Magazine

    There’s been a lot of buzz this past month about all of the seismic activity happening under Yellowstone National Park this past month. If you pick up a copy of the new September 2014 issue of Montana Magazine, which is hitting the shelves now, you can read all about it. Several of my photographs are also featured in the article.

    It’s a very good article. But don’t take my word for it. Go pick up a copy for yourself.

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  5. Good Harvest


  6. Board of Railroad Commissioners Map (1919)